Cross Stitch Pastime Puzzle

The Cross-Stitch Pastime is a style of Picross puzzle. Although varying greatly in complexity, these puzzles are all solvable through logic.

You are presented with a grid of squares (beginning with a 5x5 grid, but going up to 15x15 in subsequent games). Each column and row of the grid is accompanied by a number (or numbers) along the top and left-hand side. These numbers denote how many times a 'stitch' must appear within that column or row. The key is to decipher exactly where in a column a 'stitch' should be placed by referring to the corresponding row.

For example, the below grid consists of 5 columns numbered 0,4,5,0,0 and 5 rows numbered 2,2,2,2,1. We can deduce that the 1st, 4th and 5th columns have no stitches in their corresponding squares. In contrast, all 5 squares in the 3rd column have stiches. Logic comes into play in the 2nd column. We know that it contains four stitches but we can only determine where they are to be placed by looking at the rows. We can see that each row contains 2 stitches except for the 5th row which has only one. We can therefore deduce that the 4 stitches assigned to the 2nd column must be placed in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th rows.

It is important to note that some puzzles will contain columns or rows with more than one number associated to them (often separated by a comma). This denotes that there is at least 1 (possibly more) empty square between the stitches.

For example, the grid below shows that the 3rd row contains 1,1,1 stitches.
Logically these '3' stitches can only appear with 1 empty square between each of them. In contrast, the second column has 2,1 stitches. Logically, the first 2 stitches can only appear in the 1st and 2nd rows (as according to the rows there can not be a stitch in the 3rd row). The last remaining stitch can only be correctly placed by referring to the rows. It this case there is only 1 stitch required in the 5th row.

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